About Us

About Us

Investment & Networking Club (INC) was founded in 2008 and is a student club within the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). INC seeks to promote financial literacy among SIM students and youths in Singapore through sound education and experiential learning.

INC is currently the leading investment-focused student network in SIM that seeks to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with financial institutions and other societies dedicated to advancing financial knowledge in Singapore. Together with the investment clubs of NUS, NTU, and SMU, INC is part of the Securities Investors Association, Singapore (SIAS) Youth Chapter..


To be a renowned investment club that nurtures students to be proficient in making wise investment decisions.


To promote financial literacy
To provide a platform for networking opportunities


Business Development

Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders. Dedicated to grooming our members to become effective and creative communicators, to be able to present both their ideas and themselves well in all forms of engagement as well as develop business solutions to tackle challenges faced along the way.

Human Resource

Human Resource is dedicated towards empowering like-minded youths to become strong and competent leaders by exposing members to various challenges. Members will get the chance to organize, host and engage with others while being able to think critically and adapt accordingly.

Financial Editorial

Promote financial literacy through online and magazine publications. Be it learning about different asset classes (equities, commodities, etc.) or expressing one's opinions on the happenings of the world, the department doubles as a platform for our members to grow holistically.

Trading & Research

Primarily focused on currencies, the department educates members on technical and fundamental analysis from a global macroeconomic viewpoint. Besides analyzing charts, TNR also produces currency reports as well as representing the club in trading competitions.

Student Managed Fund (Investment)

Primarily focused on equities, the department imparts knowledge on equity research and financial modelling, encouraging members to critically assess stocks. On top of running a virtual equity fund, SMF also produces equity reports as well as representing the club in stock pitch competitions.

11th Executive Committee

Willlie Ong

Joey Ong 
 Vice-President (Business Development, Financial Editorial, Human Resource)

Shawn Wu Lywei
Vice-President (Student Managed Fund, Trading & Research)

Soon Yun Hui

Ang Wan Xuan

Jesmond Tan
Business Development Director

Wilson Tan
Financial Editorial Director

Lee Seek Kheng
Human Resource Director

Larry Low
Student Managed Fund Director

Lee Shwu Ping
Trading and Research Director

Chin Ying Jie
Business Development Deputy Director

Sandy Koh
Business Development Deputy Director

Cheng Jia Jun
Business Development Deputy Director

Esther Ong
Financial Editorial Deputy Director

Arina Rauf
Financial Editorial Deputy Director

Aaron Aw
Human Resource Deputy Director

Eunice Yong
Human Resource Deputy Director

Cherlyn Chui
Human Resource Deputy Director

Lucas Lim
Student Managed Fund Deputy Director

Lee Hong Hui
Student Managed Fund 
Deputy Director

Hey Rui En
Trading and Research Deputy Director


The club is committed to providing up-to-date financial education to the student population, aimed at equipping them with the necessary knowledge to go about investing in different vehicles such as equities, Forex, REITs, options and bonds. The club is also a gathering place for like-mind individuals to share and learn from each other.

There are 3 levels of membership: Subscriber, Committee and Executive Committee. The membership structure is as follows:


By subscribing to our mailing list, you will have the chance to learn more about personal finance and investment, as well as gain a better understanding on how to make informed investment decisions.

The benefits of being our subscriber include:

– Invitation to events organised by INC and/or external partners
– Internship & job opportunities in the finance industry
– Networking opportunities with industry professionals
– FREE SIAS (Security Investors Association of Singapore) Youth Chapter 2-Years membership

There are no regular meetings for Subscribers.

Subscribing is free and is open to all staff and students of SIM.

Click here to subscribe to us !

Committee Membership

Committee members will work together in a corporate setting to plan and execute club activities. They will learn how to hone their inter-personal and technical skills that will empower them in their future careers. Additional benefits and special privileges are also extended to Committee and EXCO members.

Passionate and committed Subscribers can apply for committee positions in one of our departments:

– Business Development
– Human Resource
– Financial Editorial
– Trading & Research
– Student Managed Fund (Investment)

Application for  Committee is now open! Download the application form here.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee members are in charge of planning for club events and leading their committee in fulfilling their departmental responsibilities. They must be highly committed and be constantly ready to adapt and support the club in its vision and activities. They represent INC, and must possess the competencies to network effectively and portray a positive image of the institute and club.

The Executive Committee enjoys exclusive benefits such as top priority to special club events or invitations to corporate visits organized by INC’s external partners.

Executive Committee elections take place annually and is only open to Committee members.