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About the Event

Introducing VALIANT 2016: a stock pitch competition for undergraduate students keen on a career in finance and investment!

Simply gather in teams of 2 –  5 and pitch a stock worth investing in! You will get to meet investment professionals from various sectors such as asset management and financial services. Above all, VALIANT 2016 is your gateway to mentorship and inside-access to the financial and investment industry. Deserving participants will be invited to internship and graduate job opportunities in 2017.

Attractive prizes await you! Are you ready to be VALIANT?

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These exclusive mentorship opportunities will give you private access to investment training and workshops typically reserved for finance and investment professionals themselves! In addition, you will be paired with a finance professional for further grooming and training. After the 6-month mentorship, successful candidates will be offered internship / graduate opportunities in 2017.

What do I have to do at a stock pitch competition?

With your team, decide on one stock that is investment-worthy, based on a pre-determined list of stocks, and prepare a 5-minute presentation on your chosen stock and why your team picked the stock. You will receive the pre-determined list of stocks on 1 November 2016.

During the session on 1 November 2016, you will also learn from investment professionals (Lion Global Investors & Amundi Asset Management) on the basics of investment and a career in the investment industry.

On 5 November 2016, you will present to a panel of investment professionals why they should invest in that stock, followed by a 5-minute Q & A session.

Why participate?

VALIANT 2016 is an excellent opportunity to understand how investment professionals invest – the principles behind their stock picking and principles of wealth building. Created for participants who are interested in an investment career or want to make money for themselves through investment and wealth preservation, VALIANT 2016 will provide you the insight and basic training in the investment industry.

In addition, winning teams will be awarded cash prizes and mentorship opportunities with investment professionals. Truly, an experience that will give you a head-start in your career and investment journey!

How do I enter?

Gather a team of 2 – 5 friends who are interested and register. Because this event is primarily organised for recruitment purposes, we are only able to accept Singaporeans / Singapore PRs aged 20 and above (in 2016). We regret to inform you that teams with any members that do not fulfill this requirement will not be eligible to participate.

What are the important dates / location?

Both sessions are compulsory for all teams: –

1 Nov 2016
6pm – 10pm: Training Session + Reveal of Stock List
Address: SIM HQ – LT A.2.09B

5 Nov 2016
1pm – 6pm: Stock Pitch Competition
Address: VisionCrest Commercial, 103 Penang Road #02-05. SG 238467

I don’t have a team yet. What can I do?

If you’re interested to join but don’t have enough team members yet, email us at! We’ll pair up fellow interested teammates facing the same issue and form teams for you!

Participants will receive their notification email of the team composition before 31st Oct, or when a team is formed.

See you there!


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